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The Jordanian Concrete Association was established in 1981, and since its establishment has organized and participated in several conferences and activities related to the concrete industries, and keep abreast of developments at the local and international levels.

JCA Registration Of The Association


His Excellency the Minister of Interior informed the Founder Members of the Jordan Concrete Association by his letter No.   30-609-1285 dated 18/1/1981

that on fourteenth January 1981 ,and in accordance with the authority bestowed on him by the provisions of the Social Societies Laws No 33,1966 and No

9,1971 had approved to register the Jordan Concrete Society as an ordinary Society to operate in accordance of its constitution .

    His Excellency published a notice of this approval in No ( 2986) issue dated 10/2/1981 of  the  Jordan Official Gazette .

 Amman, February 1981.​​

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Concrete Conference on Materials & Design


  ACI-concrete conference on Materials and Design

JCI and ACI under the patronage of HRH Princess Sumaya bint Al Hassan will hold the first concrete conference in Jordan  "ACI-concrete conference on Materials and Design“, on the the 17th – 18th /11/2019. 

The lectures will be given by the ACI President Eng. Randall , W. Poston and a group of well known expertise from the USA. 

For registration please call: +96265689935 / +962797083554 

From 28/9/2019 - 7/11/2019

Venue: Royal Scientific Society 

Subscription fees: 150 JD for Jordanian Engineers and ACI members 

350 JD for Non-Jordanian 

(Limited participant)  

مجال التصميم الانشائي والمواد

بتنظيم من جمعية الخرسانة الاردنية يسرنا اعلامكم بأنه ولأول مره خارج الولايات المتحدة الامريكية سيعقد معهد الخرسانه الأمريكي مؤتمره الاول في الاردن تحت رعايه صاحبة السمو الملكي الاميره سميه بنت الحسن المعظم وبحضور رئيس معهد الخرسانه الأمريكي ونخبه من المحاضرين العلماء والمختصين في مجال التصميم الانشائي والمواد وذلك يومي 17 و 18 تشرين الثاني 2019 حيث سيفتح باب التسجيل للمؤتمر من 25/9/2019 ولغايه 7/11/2019

علما بان مكان انعقاد المؤتمر في الجمعية العلمية الملكية ورسم الاشتراك للمهندس الأردني واعضاء جمعية الخرسانة الامريكية 150 دينار، ولغير الاردنيين 350 دينار والعدد محدود

للحجز الاتصال على: 96265689935+  أو 962797083554+ 

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